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The Doctor Said -> You’ll have to live with the pain for the rest of your life.

I love doctors but sometimes they say stupid things. (as do we all from time to time)

Many years ago, my wife woke up with terrible arm pain.

After a barrage of tests, one of her former doctors said:

“ I am sorry” there’s nothing we can do for you. You’re just going to have to live with the pain for the rest of your life”.

Thankfully, my wife had the presence of mind NOT to tell me what he said until we got home.

Today, it wouldn’t be a problem but back then, I was a lot less “balanced” and not nearly as understanding and forgiving as I am now.

Instead of jumping back in my car and confronting the doctor, I decided to focus all my energy on my wife.

She was afraid and didn’t know what to do because there was no known medical cause for the intense pain she was feeling.

So… I put on my NLP and Clinical Hypnosis hat and I went to work.

The first thing I did was to remove the negative suggestion the doctor gave her.

The second thing I did was explore any emotional cause for the pain.

If this had happened today, the first thing I would have done is take her to the hospital, but I would have also started to look for other possibilities.

So often, the REAL sources of pain can have just as much to do with unconscious emotional stress as it can with a physical cause.

In some cases, physical pain or disease can be 100% emotional.

I don’t ever recommend skipping a doctor visit in lieu of exploring emotional causes BUT you can always explore emotional possibilities while doing your medical due diligence.

Back to the story…

In short, we found a previously unresolved emotional “stress event” as the root cause for the pain my wife was having. We also discovered that it was 100% responsible for the pain.

Once we had all the information, it took less than a week to dissolve the issue and all her pain went away.

The moral of the story…

-> Don’t ever let anyone convince you that things must be a certain way and there is nothing you can do about it… That is unless you want to be convinced.

-> Negative emotional stress is bad.

This is perhaps the understatement of the year. Whether it is emotional, conscious, unconscious, present, past…

…The harmful effects of stress are now recognized as the #1 root cause of most physical and mental issues.

I’ve been over the research and it is staggering!

Here another fact:

The two most scientifically researched and most recommend approaches to eliminate the harmful impact of stress are:

#1: Meditation
#2: Exercise

I highly recommend you use both approaches. They have changed my life and it can change yours very quickly once you get rolling with them.

Now, I don’t have an exercise program to share with you, but I do have a highly acclaimed Meditation program that puts the “beat-down” on harmful stress like nothing else you’ve ever seen.

When I asked my first participants a few questions regarding stress and if my Meditation in Minutes Program helped them with stress, I was floored.

I crunched the numbers from the people that responded to my questions and this is what I got:

  • [+} Do you handle stress better? 99.2% said “yes”
  • [+] Has your overall experience of stress decreased? 99% said “yes”


To be fair, most of these people were between level 3 and level 6 with my Meditation in Minutes program when they answered these questions.

I would discourage anyone from thinking that all the harmful stress would vanish in just the first month or two of working with my program.

Meditation in Minutes is not a quick-fix per se. However, It is much faster and much easier than learning traditional meditation.

Meditation in Minutes is a long-game strategy that just keeps getting better as you use it.

I’ve done my part by doing the research, spending the money and the countless hours of developing this program.

If the timing is right for you and you’re tired of chasing un-proven methods to change your life, then here is a solid choice.

Jeffrey Gignac,

P.S. There still time to get Meditation in Minutes at the discounted price and with all the bonuses.

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