Unless otherwise specified, you have 30 days to evaluate our products and if you are not satisfied for any reason, simply open up a support ticket and let us know. We will then promptly refund your purchase price.

We must receive your refund request via our support desk a least 24 hours before the refund period expires. For example, if the product or training your purchased has a 30 Day refund period, we must receive your refund request by day 29.

We reserve the right to deny refunds if we believe fraud or abuse has occurred.

We only refund the purchase price. We are not responsible for any other charges, overdraft charges, currency exchange rates  or penalties that you may incur as a result of you transaction. We are not responsible for any financial burdens that you may incur in result of using, downloading or streaming our content, including but not limited to data charges from use of internet.

There are no refunds on subscriptions but you can cancel them at any time.