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Passive Brain Fitness® is a neuro-enhancement technology that uses light and sound frequencies to move your brain from the state it’s in to a more desirable state.

Passive Brain Fitness® technology can be found in most of our products.

From the moment you "press play" on one of our special videos, (or audios) you're receiving light and sound frequencies that support your ability to access innate intelligence, intuition, focus, higher intelligence and so much more.

Passive Brain Fitness® supports your ability to shift your brain functions from low-performing to balanced, high-functioning and optimized for whatever situation you’re facing.

We've created special video's and audios, most of which are just 7 minutes short, to fit just about any occasion. If you need help relaxing, we got you covered. When you want to ramp up your productivity, creativity or focus and concentration, we got you covered.

Want some help with overwhelm, stress and anxiety? We've got solutions to help with most types of acute flare-ups.

The creator of Passive Brain Fitness®, Jeffrey Gignac, has spent over a decade developing advanced  protocols that are easy to use with his technology. 

When done properly, these protocols may assist you in removing anger, fear, trauma and just about any unwanted trigger that negatively affects your sense of well-being, happiness and joy.

Passive Brain Fitness® is an incredibly versatile tool that can serve to amplify the effectiveness of other "self-care modalities" such as EFT, affirmations, hypnosis, psychotherapy, meditation and more.

Smarter in 7 Minutes Mobile APP

Our new mobile app for apple and android devices gives you free access to Passive Brain Fitness® audios and videos for reducing stress and boosting brain power.

Meditation in Minutes

Gracefully experience 12 profound states of consciousness using these 7-minute video meditations.

Goal Factory Formula

Discover the goal-writing secrets of Jeffrey Gignac, the founder and creator of Passive Brain Fitness® technology.

On The Spiritual Side

Energetic Support Services

Receive Energetic Support with customized scalar energy transmission. You'll also receive spiritual support from group meditation and prayer. There are so many bonuses included with this service including monthly live sound healing events from our in-house Master Sound Healer.

Life Response Frequencies

Created with leading-edge frequency science, this community favorite program assists you in your spiritual development by helping utilize and channel the ever-present energies of Prosperity, Peace, Happiness and Health.

About The founder and creator, Jeffrey Gignac

Jeffrey started his journey at an incredibly young age as one of the youngest people ever to be certified as a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming at the age of 15.

He studied psychology and at the University of Windsor before becoming a clinical hypnotherapist and licensed Master Practitioner of NLP and a World-Renowned expert in Brainwave Stimulation and Entrainment.

Jeffrey is a published author (#1 Best Seller), speaker and, coach as well as one of today’s most prolific content creators in the personal development space.

His love for helping others transcend limitations and live their best lives has made him a fan-favorite in the industry.

Here's Why People Recommend Our Programs

Dr. Karen Kan
DR. Karen Kan

Energetic Support Services (ESS) customer

ESS -"It's the best deal in town! A no-brainer. If you want to receive high vibrational healing every week in addition to your own daily program, I don't know of ANY other program that offers so much for so little money. I use it everyday. I highly recommend it!."


SM7, Life Response Frequencies and ESS Customer

This is Sam. Your huge fan and follower from NYC. The fellow that had lymphoma and spinal surgery.

I truly believe that you were among the instrumental conduits on my road to recovery. I know you have helped me change my life. I am more calm and appreciate the power and effectiveness of mindfulness. I also perceive other positive transformations that I cannot express in words.

You are an AUTHENTIC person Jeff. You are truly kind and passionate in your goal to help people in self development. I cannot say enough about your kindness. The time you took to talk to me on the phone. Among the many people in your self development space: who does what you do? If they do there is a high cost and I truly do not think anyone is as effective as you are Jeff.

Pamela Engle

Meditation in Minutes Customer

My own efforts to improve my life were not very effective. My life was mostly struggle and sorrows even though that is not what I wanted. This product is very powerful. Since I began using Meditation in Minutes I have noticed increasing love and acceptance for myself and others, greater peace, joy, and contentment, healing for myself and others, more consistent positive thoughts, greater motivation, creative ideas, increased energy, also better sleep and dreams. I am no longer a victim of my past. I have the power to create a happy life and my life keeps on getting better and better. Thank you, Jeffrey!

Jeffrey Gignac  at The University of Windsor: TEDx Presentation

What makes Jeffrey so good at what he does? Watch his TEDx presentation as he describes his personal journey from developmental delays, learning difficulties to becoming one of the top specialists in his field.

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