Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Certified Hypnotist, Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Creator of Passive Brain Fitness.

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Build The Wall?

Here’s the thing about walls….

They are equally good and keeping things “in” as they are at keeping things “out”.

I’m not trying to be “politico” or suggest some type of conspiracy.

It’s just that walls have always made for excellent metaphors and the timing for such a metaphor couldn’t be better.

Self-sabotage is a huge topic every February. I’m sure you can guess why…

…Its all about the New Years Resolutions.

Around this time of year is when many Resolutions have begun crumbling or have already fallen by the wayside.

If you’re having difficulty with either Procrastination or Self-sabotage, I’d like to offer some perspective and perhaps some assistance.


Here we go…

Just as a wall has at least two sides, so do all your goals and desires.

I call it the “Law of Natural Consequences”.  (For our purposes here today, consequences are neither good or bad, they just are.)

When we build a wall to keep things out, we are also keeping things in.

How this affects you depends on your perspective and in what direction you wish to move but no matter how you built it, there are “other” natural consequences.

(again..not a political statement, just a metaphor)

When we set out to do something, we typically focus on one or two primary outcomes that we wish to achieve.

People tend to miss “other” consequences that will naturally present themselves as a result of achieving our goals.

Most self-sabotage stems from uncertainty or lack of clarity regarding the big picture of whatever we are shooting for.

AND, its usually about “fear of loss or potential loss”.

Initially, the unconscious mind will notice natural and potential consequences far more than the conscious mind.

If the unconscious uncovers something that MAY cause problems for you, it may manifest as self-sabotage.

Lack of clarity or lack of awareness of the BIG PICTURE is the “proverbial” banana peel underfoot and gaining additional clarity can clear a boat-load of banana peels.

So how do you gain clarity?

I am so glad you asked….

….You can start by asking yourself questions such as:

  • What happens when I achieve my goal?
  • What do I get to keep when I achieve my goal?
  • What will I be giving up by achieving my goal?
  • What else changes as a result of achieving my goal?
  • What will happen if I don’t achieve your goal?
  • What won’t happen if I don’t achieve your goal?

What do I get to keep if you don’t achieve your goal?

  • Thinking about these questions in relation to what is most important to you will unveil everything you need to know about how self-sabotage is affecting you or if it is affecting you.

As I said earlier, sometimes the deeper level of clarity and awareness is enough.

Sometimes, more work is required to remove all the self-sabotage.

I wish I could give you one definitive solution that would work for every person, for every situation, every single time but as far as I know, that does not exist. (at least not yet)

This is “why” It is so important to have a toolbox of solutions that you can access on-demand, for any situation or stage of life.

Sometimes you need a hammer, other times a screwdriver and other times a saw. When building or destroying walls, you’ll likely need all of them (and more) at different stages of the project.

The one thing I can offer you is my toolbox of solutions.

It has 38 stand-alone programs and courses including Meditation in Minutes.

It has over 100 individual releases of my Passive Brain Fitness Video and Audio technology addressing just about anything you can think of.

AND, new releases are being added on a regular basis.

With what’s in this toolbox, you can build, remove, upgrade and fix just about anything that comes your way and you won’t need to run to Home Depot in the middle of a project because you don’t have the tools.

There are only 60 ish spots left to upgrade to a Lifetime “All-Access” Account.
Or as many call it… “The Ultimate Self-Care Toolbox”.

Here’s the link with the deeply discounted coupon already applied:

Make sure the coupon is applied before checkout.

Sending you smiles,
Jeffrey Gignac

P.S. Speaking of natural consequences…. Once the final spots for my “Ultimate Self-Care Toolbox” are taken, the offer will never return at any price. This is the farewell tour and when its over, its over.
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