Flex Your Mental Muscle Without Breaking a Sweat!

Developed with leading-edge video and audio technology, Passive Brain Fitness® is a new and innovative approach to optimizing your mental and emotional states in minutes.

What Is Passive Brain Fitness®?

Passive Brain Fitness® is a brain optimization technology that delivers leading-edge light and sound frequencies in video format. The typical Passive Brain Fitness® video is 7 minutes in length and can be used on any computer or mobile devices for quick and easy on-demand use.

Passive Brain Fitness® leverages advanced frequency science, eye-movements and complex mathematical algorithms to fine-tune your mental and emotional intelligence based on your goals and desired outcomes.

Who Is Passive Brain Fitness® For?

Passive Brain Fitness® is for people that want more from life. It's for people that want to be more productive, creative and efficient. Passive Brain Fitness® is for people that want to tap their inner genius and push it to all new heights.

Who Is Passive Brain Fitness® NOT For?

Passive Brain Fitness® is not for everyone. Passive Brain Fitness® contains complex light and sound frequency stimulation and is not suitable for people who have risk factors for epilepsy and seizures. Click here to read our full Technology Disclaimer and Warnings.

What Can Passive Brain Fitness® do for me?

Passive Brain Fitness® is a brain-optimizing technology that is commonly used to improve logic and reasoning, creativity and problem-solving.

Passive Brain Fitness® is also used to achieve deep meditative states, stress reduction and improve athletic performance.

Passive Brain Fitness® is used worldwide by therapist, coaches, and healers to improve the effectiveness of their work. Most of our customers will use Passive Brain Fitness® videos as part of a self-care protocol to help remove blocks and reduce the negative impact of fears, past traumas and negative triggers.

[+] Enhanced Logic and Reasoning
[+] Enhanced Creativity, Productivity and Problem Solving
[+] Enhanced Athletic Performance
[+] Meditation and Stress Management
[+] And Much More...

About Jeffrey Gignac - The Creator of Passive Brain Fitness® Technology

Jeffrey started his journey at an incredibly young age as one of the youngest people ever to be certified as a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming at the age of 15.

He studied psychology and at the University of Windsor before becoming is a clinical hypnotherapist and licensed Master Practitioner of NLP and a World-Renowned expert in Brainwave Stimulation and Entrainment.

Jeffrey is published author, speaker and, coach as well as one of today’s most prolific content creators in the personal development space.

His love for helping other transcend limitations and live their best lives has made him a fan-favorite in the industry.

I have already recommended this product to others even though they may feel this is not 'their thing'. Meditation on a whole is immensely beneficial and to be able to get the equivalent of an hour's worth of meditation in 7 minutes using the Meditation in Minutes program is fantastic. Plus having a new level every month makes it even more interesting, I look forward every month to the next level (the next video, the next task etc). There is nothing to lose and a lot to gain. And if you feel you are going through a rough time, that things are tough for you right now and you will get this later, I would say you need to get this now.

Kurt A 

Received on Tue, Aug 14, 2018 at 4:12 pm

My own efforts to improve my life were not very effective. My life was mostly struggle and sorrows even though that is not what I wanted. This product is very powerful. Since I began using Meditation in Minutes I have noticed increasing love and acceptance for myself and others, greater peace, joy, and contentment, healing for myself and others, more consistent positive thoughts, greater motivation, creative ideas, increased energy, also better sleep and dreams. I am no longer a victim of my past. I have the power to create a happy life and my life keeps on getting better and better. Thank you, Jeffrey!

Pamela E.

Received on Sun Aug 12, 2018 at 2:55 pm

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