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For years, I have been lying in bed for 3 or 4 hours before actually falling asleep,  and that can become problematic  if I only get to bed around 2  or 3 am.   As soon as I got the Sleep Genetics audio I didn't even  hear it finish, I was asleep.  And it's been like that every night, the only drawback is it's not comfortable sleeping with earphones on.  But it's more effective with the earphones, and they tend to fall out at some point, anyway!  Thank you Jeff for my restful nights ever since I got that audio! I'm truly grateful.

Jania Aebi 


I have been using this program for a few weeks now and am absolutely amazed on how well I am sleeping. I Have suffered from insomnia for years using both prescription  Rx’s and natural supplements and have used several hypnosis programs, None of them have ever given me such a feeling of WELL-BEING when I awake. Also when I do awake during the night all I have to do is visualize using the program and I fall back to sleep. In addition to sleeping well, my arthritic joints are improving  these days. 

Dorothy Damiano


I love Sleep Genetics!
Sleep Genetics has improved the quality, depth and duration of my sleep. I find myself quickly and easily moving into a deep sleep every night. I no longer toss and turn trying to get back to sleep after waking during the night. The best part is that I now easily wake up after six or seven hours of deep sleep feeling totally refreshed, fully rested and ready to meet the day. What a great change! The sleep I am now getting even feels rejuvenating.
Thank you, Jeff!

Susan Bayne