Sound Healing Session

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Gary has so generously offered to do a Sound Healing Session for specific, high level purposes each month for all ESS members. Beginning in July, these Sound Healing Session are included FREE part of what you will receive each month as an ESS member.

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ESS Product Highlights

Below is a complete list of everything each ESS member receives for the low enrollment price of $11/month.

  1. 1
    Weekly Energetic Support from me and my team tailored to your specific goals and intentions. You receive a secure online form to fill out and update as much as you want to let us know how to focus the energy and spiritual assistance that you receive. 
  2. 2
    Twice peer week (sometimes more), we send out a tailored Scalar Energy based on your profile and intentions
  3. 3
    Every Thursday, you receive a combination of Scalar Energy and Energetic Support from high level spiritual healers
  4. 4
    Once per week (sometimes more) I do a focused Scalar Energy Transmission for all ESS members to provide additional assistance based on world events, energy shifts and/or "Ascension Events" that may occur. At this time, this includes Immunity Plus+ Scalar transmissions to support your immune system.
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    Divine Calligraphy: In addition to being a Master Sound Healer, Gary (a member of the healing team) has the unique ability to channel energy directly from the Akashic records and put them into Calligraphies. Each month, you get a new Divine Calligraphy that you can use to receive additional support anytime you want. 
  6. 6
    Divine Connection Audio: each month, we send you a special 3-minute audio that instantly refreshed your connection to the personalized energy that we send you each week based on your goals and intentions. Gray creates the audios using advanced Sound healing techniques. Then, I add subtle brain balancing frequency technology to the audio to enhance the effectiveness.
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    Sound Healing Session: Each month Gary is doing a 30 to 45 minute Sound Healing Session, live on camera for a specific, high-level purpose. You will get to download and keep that video session and the Audio-Only version of that session. This is so you can accesses anytime you want forever even if you cancel your membership.
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    ACCESS ESS Resources two ways. Each month, your new resources are emailed to you. Via email, you receive your Divine Calligraphy, Your Divine Connection Audio and the recorded Sound Healing Session files. You get to keep all of these for your personal use even if you cancel your ESS membership.  The second way you can Access ESS is through our new mobile app that is launching this month. The app is almost ready and when it is, all your downloads and streaming links will be added to the app so you can easily access them anytime, anywhere.
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    Monthly ESS Q & A and Training: Most months we do a dedicated training and Q & A event.  I provide advanced training on subjects that are most important to my members. They include, Prosperity, Manifestation, productivity, removing procrastination and more. These events are recorded and posted so you can access them at your convenience. Once the app is out, they will also be posted to the app.

Personal notes from Jeffrey Gignac:

As I am completing this list of what is included with your ESS enrollment, I am absolutely amazed how much value we are able to provide at such a low cost. It doesn't seem possible but yet, here it is. We would never be able to include so much if it was not for the guidance and grace of Source and the generosity of our team members.

I was planning a price increase but that has been put on hold for the time being. Now is not the time to increase prices but rather it is time to increase value and support...AND that is exactly what my team and I have been able to do.

This is what I feel and believe...

Everyday I can feel the energetic support for the ESS project. It's one amazing impossibility after another that becomes possible  to make it all work. 

First, ESS benefits the individual and then, as your vibration increases, something amazing starts to happen...the energetic ripple effect of your increased vibration goes out into the world benefiting others.  This is another reason why I believe ESS is spiritually guided and supported.

This is why everything magically comes together for us to be able to provide this service and value for only $11/ month.  If the timing is right for you, I humbly request that you become involved with ESS because this project is bigger than just you and I. 

Getting involved with ESS is one way that you can become what my friend Dr Karen Kan refers to as a "Light Warrior" . By helping yourself and raising your vibration (which is a natural and inevitable consequence of receiving ESS) you are helping to raise, balance and stabilize the world-energetic frequency...AND, I'm sure you've noticed that the world could benefit from a lot more high vibrational people.

Incidentally, Dr. Karen Kan not only tells people about ESS but she is also signed up as a member. She's one of many spiritual and energetic healers that are signed up to receive ESS. The reason why I tell you this is not to boast about what we have created but rather to illustrate and the following point. 

Regardless of where you are right now in your energetic and spiritual development, ESS can benefit you.  If you would like to join us, you can get started using the link below.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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