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I have been a member and game player on Lumosity for a couple of years. I thought I was doing well at 94%. I stayed consistently around that level for l ½ years. Then I joined your program. After I started watching your videos my scores trended up week after week until I reached 98.3%. Wow!! That seems pretty significant to me. I have not done either as faithfully in the last month and have dropped all the way back to 98.0. Still pretty good from where I sit.

Sharon S. 

Don't mind me if I repeat again that I LOVE the program. I never returned anything to a store before - the thought would stress me out. I listened and watched the Productivity and the one on Stress and all of a sudden I am changing appointments with ease and no Stress. I Love the program.

Maria Brown 

Jeffrey is one of the most awesome person in the mind development business, and I have not been able to put half my efforts in expanding my mind yet. With that statement I have had one of the most profound discoveries yet of my conscious, my conscious and subconscious have been sharing or I SHOULD SAY giving me info on people, example: today my nephew wife is having another boy so I ask him out of the blue is he going to name him Rocky after him and his first, like a joke I thought, but to my surprise he said yes, been thinking about it! This is happening over and over, plus, my recall is out of sight, but I'm only in the infancy stage of this process. To make a long story short, years ago I purchase those early glasses with the light blinking on and off at different rates of s peed and I thought that was hot, but now Mr. Jeffrey has put us into the 21st century. Amen, My Brother, Namaste


I'd just like to say wow! I have used your brain train technology for two days and this stuff is really powerful. I normally bypass a lot of stuff that I get in my email because it seems to be recycled stuff that I've tried before however the moment I came across your company I sensed there was something different about it. I feel more alert, more motivated and much more happier. Thank you so much for these life changing gifts


Warnings and Precautions

The user of Jeff’s technology, audios and videos application agrees that they are for designed solely for self-improvement, learning, and relaxation. These audios and videos are not intended as a replacement for medical or psychological treatment. No medical claims are intended express or implied. Those meeting any of the following conditions, whether knowingly or not, should not use Jeff’s audios or videos:

  • Epileptics
  • Pregnant women
  • Those who are wearing a pacemaker
  • Those prone to seizures
  • Those who are photosensitive
  • Those who are sensitive to auditory and / or visual stimulation

Individuals under the influence of medication or drugs should consult a physician before using these products. Children and adolescents should be examined by a physician for epilepsy or other illnesses that could contribute to seizures of any kind prior to using these audios and videos. Do not use Jeff’s audios and videos while under the influence of alcohol or mood altering substances regardless of their legality. Do not use any of the audios or videos while driving or operating machinery unless the audios are specifically designated as “Car Safe”. Under no circumstance should you EVER use the videos while driving or operating any machinery. The user of these audios assumes all risks in using, listening and watching Jeff’s audios, and videos, waiving any claims against Jeffrey Gignac, its Parent Corporation and affiliates for all mental or physical injuries. The user also assumes liability when allowing other persons to use, hear or view Jeff’s technology whether the user is knowingly or unknowing allowing access to Jeff’s technology.

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