Jeffrey Gignac

If you want to banish worry, stress and fear and put yourself in the best possible position to influence your future prosperity, this letter will show you how...

...I know telling you not to worry or be concerned about your future and the ability to support your family is pointless.

With all the bad news talking about a potential market crash, rising inflation and the general uncertainty about everything, feeling safe and secure about your future is more challenging than ever.

Although, not everyone is concerned. My past billionaire clients aren't worried because they'll make more money if everything continues on its current trajectory.

But what about you? What about your family and friends?

How are you going to make it through this mess and secure your future?

Dear Friend,

My name is Jeffrey Gignac, and I'm not a billionaire or filthy rich, and on the surface, I'm just as vulnerable and exposed as 97% of the world.

BUT... because of a significant life course correction brought on by two "magical women," I don't have to worry about money or Prosperity ever again.

And, if you want to sleep well at night knowing that all will be well because you are confident that you will make the right decisions, the right moves and that the Universe will rally to your side no matter what this crazy world throws at you, then I advise you keep reading because I'm going to tell how it is done.

Let me be frank! I'm not going to lull you into some false sense of security! This is not about sitting in a lotus position chanting "all is well" while the bank takes your house, car and all your stuff.

No way!

These are not "sexy secrets" that will blow you over when I reveal them. Well, at least not right away.

I'm letting you know in advance because it takes a certain amount of wisdom to see their true power.

When I was given the knowledge that I am sharing with you today, I was totally underwhelmed, and I rejected it because of its simplicity and its "Captain Obvious" appearance.

Instead, I signed up for the "Law of Attraction" mindset that left me spinning my wheels for years.

Here's the story:

Many years ago, I met a magical woman named Norma, who trained an army of light-warriors, healers and medical intuitives to help humanity.

Norma was not a big name in the spiritual world. Nor did she ever care for fame or notoriety.

However, she managed to attract the most gifted spiritual practitioners the world had ever seen. Together, they discovered new energetic channels that virtually every healer and energetic practitioner (knowingly or not) use today.

I've only met a few members of Norma's original team, and it was akin to meeting real-life superheroes.

All of them had their unique gifts, and all of them pledged their skills to serve the betterment of humanity, and that's exactly what they did.

They helped humanity in ways that only a select special few will ever truly know the full magnitude of what they did for all of us.

That's what made Norma's team different from the glut of "self-proclaimed" spiritual gurus you see today.

Norma's team didn't care about money or fame. They had a mission, and they stuck to it.

Here's the exciting part, and it's something that you may have suspected.

None of Norma's team has ever needed to worry about money. (or anything else for that matter) I have watched in absolute amazement of how the Universe has taken care of them.

From wining lotteries to surprise inheritances to spontaneous remissions from what would typically be a life-threatening disease, I've witnessed firsthand how gracefully the Universe takes care of them.

Surprisingly, one of their secrets can be found hiding in the lyrics of a cheesy 80's song from an iconic Canadian rock band.

I will make good on that headline in a bit.

When I met Norma, I didn't believe in the spiritual world as I understand it today.

I was a "science only" kind of a guy, but then it happened...

...My life as it knew came tumbling down, resulting in a significant course correction that changed my life forever.

One of the members of Norma's original team and my then NLP Teacher named Elizabeth, decided that I had the "earth skills" to help Norma with a very special project. A project that I later learned was given to Norma by a very high-level God Team of Angels.

This was to be her last task before she retired.

Elizabeth took me to see Norma, and after a brief discussion, Norma decided to hire me for the job.

I don't remember saying I wanted the job; it was more like I was compelled to do it.

Norma and Elizabeth explained the importance of this project and its spiritual origins.

I had a hard time buying what they were selling, but I did believe that I had the technical expertise to bring the project to life. I was getting paid; that's all that mattered to me at the time.

It was a nifty little online software program that people would load up on their web browser and proceed to click through all these really cool-looking, multi-coloured gemstone-like circles in a specific order.

The entire process took about 10 minutes.

People were told to do this twice per day to help bring in greater peace, Prosperity, happiness and health.

How did it work? How did it fulfill its promise to bring people greater Prosperity, more happiness, better health and more profound peace?

Norma and Elizabeth explained it to me every time I asked. And, I asked a lot because I just couldn't wrap my head around it.

Sometimes simple and easy is the hardest to understand.

If I accepted their explanation, it would mean that everything that I believed or, more accurately, not believed was a lie.

Here's what they told me...

The Life Response web app is a conduit, a vessel of sorts, that a very high-level God Team of angels uses to send people energy.

That energy that is freely given to people is for:

#1: Clearing and balancing the energies of Prosperity, Peace, Happiness and Health. Otherwise known as "The Four Wheels of Life".

#2 They also serve a specific function that helps people to avoid knee-jerk overreactions and assists people in responding appropriately to life.

When people loaded the web app and followed the instructions, an energetic channel was opened, allowing for the flow of energetic support from the Life Response Angelic team to whoever was using it.

Now, if you are like I was back then, all science-minded with little room for anything else, you might have a hard time with this as I did.

And, if that is you, then congratulations on making it this far through my story!

I was willing to entertain the idea of angels being sent by God to assist humanity.

The part that I had the most trouble with was when Norma said that people did not have to "believe" for it to work.

Elizabeth and Norma would tell everyone to "Just do it" use the web app, and life will get better. And, more times than not, they would not tell them anything about the God Team showing up in unconditional service to them for their highest good.

I had a big problem with this because as a clinical hypnotherapist, phycology major and certified practitioner of NLP, we're taught how important it is for people to "believe."

Especially when it comes to change and personal development.

We've all heard famous quotes like :

"Whether you think you can or your can't, you're right" - Henry Ford.

We're taught that belief systems are so robust that even placebos can create excellent results. Science has well documented the power of the placebo effect.

When I questioned it, the answer I got didn't help me one bit.

Here's what I was told:

All persons that opened the Life Response web app and followed the instructions were drawn to it because, at some level, they do believe, and they are ready to accept assistance from the divine.

Those who were not ready would avoid it.

I resisted using Life Response for a long time because I couldn't make the leap of faith.

That is until I started noticing all the amazing things going on with people that were using it.

Norma also paid me to help out with her support desk. When I started seeing what was going on with all the people that were using Life Response, I tossed up my hands and said, "what the hey! I'll do it!"

No sooner than I started to use it, Norma told me that I was to terminate the Life Response project, take it offline and destroy the source code for it.

Norma was told by her God Team that it was time for her to retire and they would find another vessel.

Norma thanked me and said that I would receive some gift from the God Team down the road as a reward for my faithful service.

I felt like the "rug of life" was yanked right out from underneath me! It took a lot of effort to finally make that leap of faith and start using Life Response, and now it was gone.

I toyed with the idea of keeping it up and running on my little private web server, but I dare not defy Norma's wishes. Life Response was her sacred duty, and when I thought of doing anything but exactly what she asked, I felt a shockwave go through my being that severed as a strong message.

I eventually got over it and went on with my life.

Norma disappeared from my life, and Elizabeth and I became good friends over the next ten years.

Elizabeth became my trusted mentor and gently guided me down the spiritual path with the patients of Jobe.

Although I was growing in my spiritual development, my left brain showed no signs of giving up control of my decisions and how I lived my life. I now "believed," but I did show it, talk about it or did anything that could be identified as proof that I believed in God, angels or that they loved me and were wanting to help me.

My main business was creating brainwave entrainment audios for big named gurus and massive companies that sold them online.

In small guru circles, I developed a reputation of being one of the best in business, and I regularly got calls asking me to make audios that other people could sell based on their fame.

If you purchased two brainwave entrainment products from a big company or a well-known guru in the last 20 years, chances are my DNA is on a least one of them.

I'm not trying to brag here; I worked a lot and churned out hundreds of products that had massive distribution.

I didn't like making audios for others because they never let me do it my way. They always wanted me to do something that I did not agree with or lessen the track's effectiveness.

Don't get me wrong, they were all decent products; they just weren't as good as I knew they could be, and as a matter of personal pride, that bothered me.

So, I talked it over with Elizabeth, and she agreed it was time for me to step out from behind the guru shadow and release my brainwave entrainment product.

I was going to call it Mastering Meditation.

As the time neared for me to launch it to the world, a voice started to appear in my head.

It was my voice, but it was not under my control.

This voice kept saying, call it Life Response Frequencies.

I was utterly shocked and stunned the first time I heard it. Where did that come from? I said to myself.

I immediately dismissed it as I enjoyed a pleasant memory of Norma.

But, the voice did not go away for long. It got louder and more insisting the more I dismissed it.

At one point, I shouted out loud, "Leave me alone!" I can't call it Life Response Frequencies because that was Norma's sacred project.

My wife thought I had lost my mind. I felt like I was losing my mind.

It caused me a great deal of stress, and it was starting to keep me up at night.

At the height of my stress, my phone rings and who is on the other end? None other than Elizabeth. Right on cue!

Elizabeth and I have been connected energetically for some time. She knows when I need help, and she calls right on cue every time.

With great hesitation, I explain to Elizabeth what the voice inside my head had been Yelling inside my head.

I was scared to tell her because I was sure Elizabeth would read me the riot act and lecture me on how I could ever even think of stealing the name Life Response for my own.

Instead, something else happened.

At first, silence...

...Which, by the way, usually meant I was about to get my but handed to me in her strong and loving way.

When her voice returned, she said "YES".

YES to what? I said.

"THEY" (Norma's God Team) said they now want to use my audios as a vessel, a channel for them to continue their service with humanity as they did years ago with the Web-App.

They just needed my permission.

Now, judging by how persistent and loud they got in my head, I dare not say "no." Elizabeth insisted I had a choice and if I said no, they would thank me and be on their way, but I wasn't buying it.

I now know that I did have a choice, but at the time, I was afraid to say no.

And, a part of me was excited to yes!

It's like when you lose something precious, and it miraculously comes back to you.

Saying "YES" also felt like it feels when you lose something precious and you think it is gone forever, then it miraculously comes back to you.

Years ago, just when I got ready to utilize the Life Response web-App, it was taken away from me, but now, it has returned. (albeit in a different format)

I was overjoyed because no one could ever take them away from me. I suppose "the God Team could take them away and who knows, maybe they will one day when its time for me to retire or they feel it is time for another caretaker.

Needless to say, I said "YES," and I am the current caretaker of the Life Response project.

The Secret Part 1:

The Answer to the The Single Most Important Thing You Must Do to Get Angels and Other High-Powered Light Beings to Come To Your Aid!

Alright... I suppose it's time for me to make good on the headline about the 80s rock band reference I made earlier.

The band was Honeymoon Suite.

The song is "Stay in the Light".

The secret is contained in their song when they say:

"Stay in the light, keep your target in sight. don't listen too, fools on the run."

That line is the refrain, and it is repeated over and over.

So, let me explain the secret.

Stay in the light (keep your vibration high)

Keep your target in sight ( know what you want, make a plan, start executing the strategy and move appropriately in the direction of your target)

Don't listen to fools on the run ( avoid distractions, rabbit holes and low vibrational people, places and things)

When you are at a higher vibration (when you vibrate at a higher frequency), it is so much easier for your angels and your personal God Team to help you, guide you and take care of you.

Once your vibration increases, all you need to do is know how to ask.

That's the only real secret to getting spiritual assistance.

When you vibrate at a lower frequency, it's like putting a wall between you and your personal God Team.

The first reason Norma, Elizabeth and the rest of Norma's original team are taken care of so perfectly is that they are among the highest vibrating humans I have ever met or even read about.

It's rare that their energetic vibration would ever drop below a point where the divine would struggle to help them.

I remember when I started to experience it for myself.

Once it kicks in, you'll never forget it.

I'm not going to pretend that I vibrate as cleanly and consistently as high as Elizabeth or Norma, but that's the beauty of it, you don't have to vibrate as high as they do for your angels and the Universe to respond to you and help you in your time of need.

As a matter of fact, it's not that hard to get to that tipping point where the Universe begins to rally to your side, ready and willing to help you.

It's effortless when you have the right tools and guidance.

  • If you want to learn a super simple way that you and anyone else can do to radically increase your vibration so that it is easy for your angels to assist you, then I can help.
  • If you want to ask your God Team for assistance and have them rally to your side, I can show you how.
  • AND, if you want the assistance of one of the most powerful, high ranking God Teams I have ever encountered, well, I can help you out with this one too...

It starts with Life Response Frequencies

Just like Norma's Life Response Project, the process is straightforward.

Instead of loading a web app and pressing buttons with your keyboard and mouse for 10 minutes, all you have to do is play one 10 minute(or 5 minutes) mp3 audio on your phone, computer or anything else that will play an mp3.

If you want the benefit of my world-class brainwave entrainment at the same time, you'll benefit from using headphones, but it's not required.

You listen to one of the Life Response Frequencies audios, and you receive energetic clearing, balancing and support that ultimately raises your energetic vibration.

The fundamental goal of Life Response Frequencies and the God Team that sends you energy through it, is to help you raise your vibrational frequency so that your own God Team and Angels can quickly assist you, guide you, and comfort you.

The way that the Life Response God Team does this is by:

#1: Clearing and balancing your energies of Prosperity, Peace, Happiness and Health. Otherwise known as "The Four Wheels of Life".

#2 They energetically help you to avoid knee-jerk reactions and overreactions and assists you in responding appropriately to life.

The Secret Part 2

The secret part 1, in case you missed it was: Stay in the light (keep your vibration high) Keep your target in sight ( know what you want, make a plan, start executing the plan and move appropriately in the direction of your target) Don't listen to fools on the run ( avoid distractions, rabbit holes and low vibrational people, places and things)

For part 2 of this secret, you'll may have to put your wisdom cap on and hold it tightly to your head because for most people, it's not obvious as to "WHY" this secret is so powerful.

But, let me assure you it is like manifestation rocket fuel when you get it dialled in.

Are you ready for it?

Here it is.

One of the most effective ways to raise your vibration is to strive to do these two things:

#1. Avoid knee-jerk reactions and avoid overreactions to what shows up in your life. This goes double for the good things that show up in life.

#2. Strive to respond appropriately to all things in life: the good things, the bad things and everything in between.

Do you remember in the beginning I said these secrets might not blow you over? At least not right away?

So...was I right?

When you understand that the bulk of human pain and suffering is born from reactions and overreactions...

...And, if instead of giving in to knee-jerk reactions and overreactions, we were to respond appropriately to whatever shows up (the good, the bad and the ugly), we would gracefully avoid most of it while simultaneously putting our self in the best possible position to influence what comes our way in the future.

The wisdom of this second part did not adequately sink in until I read the statistic that over 70% of people that win a great deal of money in the lottery end up worse off financially than before they won the lottery.

When I first read about this phenomenon, I did not believe it. I checked it and double-checked it, and it is true! The majority of people that win big in lotteries end up worse off in a matter of years.

How could this be possible?

I researched and looked into a few cases, and sure enough, the reason they went broke is obvious.

Now some people have tried to explain this phenomenon with fancy psychology principles, but the bottom line is this:

The people that end up worse off are because they overreacted to their positive windfall and made a series of catastrophic choices driven by overreactions that led to their eminent brokenness.

Like it or not, the following is true:

Your life, right now, love it or hate it, is ultimately the result of the choices and decisions you've made, one at a time, one on top of the other.

People often don't think of the consequences of making bad choices in response to good things but trust me when I tell you, reacting poorly to the good that shows up in your life can be much worse than when reacting badly to the bad things that show up.

Getting high vibrational energetic assistance to help you in your decisions making process might very well be the greatest gift that can ever be given to humans.

And, it is why I listen to Life Response Frequencies every single day.

Listening o Life Response Frequencies automatically #1: Clears, balances, and raises my energetic vibration and #2: I receive energetic help to avoid knee-jerk reactions and overreactions while also responding appropriately to whatever shows up in my life.

In others, my decision-making process gets an energetic/spiritual boost.

This is why I recommend everyone attending my Level-UP Your Prosperity Challenge pick up a copy of Life Response Frequencies.

Believe it or not, I have given you the real secrets to conquering your prosperity woes once and for all. It is all here in this open letter for anyone ready to embrace them.

I also realize that applying them to your life may not be obvious.

In some ways, telling you what these secrets are without helping you apply them to your life is like giving a starving man a can of tuna with no can opener in sight.

This is the reason for the Level-UP Your Prosperity Challenge (going on for the rest of April) is because I want to unpack these secrets for you on a deep level and demonstrate how and why they work.

My goal with this Challenge is to help you apply these secrets to your life. Remember the Level-UP Your Prosperity Challenge is free and there is no obligation to buy anything. This, in part, is how I serve humanity.

I am encouraging you to purchase a copy of Life response Frequencies while it is on sale during the month of April because it will significantly accelerate your ability to raise your vibration and respond to life appropriately.

And, when you take into account all the bonuses that come with it during this sale, it makes it a no-brainer (providing the timing is right for you)

Another bonus of getting a copy now is that you can ask me about some of the cool things you can do with it during the Q&A portions of my Challenge.

But before you even think about getting it, realize two things:

First, it's not a magic pill that will automatically fix your prosperity issues by the end of the day. You do have to do your part and follow the simple instructions. If you listen one time and then leave it collecting digital dust, it won't do much for you at all.

For some people, this process can happen quickly; for others, it may take longer. It depends on you and if you are willing to follow through on the instructions.

If you come to the zoom calls, I will go through the instructions. Trust me, they are simple and easy, but some people just don't follow through.

But, if you commit to the process of listening five to ten minutes a day and take some responsibility for raising your own vibration using the teachings that Elizabeth gave me ( and that I will provide to you), I'm confident that you will transform worry, stress and fear into power, certainty and have true Prosperity, freedom and security. (not to mention increased happiness, health and peace.)

Second, this is a digital product that is delivered through our mobile app and/or our website. We do not offer an option to have a physical copy of it at this sale price.

If your smartphone is older than five years, you'll have to use our secure website to access your purchase.

To help you decide if this is something that you want, here's what's inside:

Responding to Prosperity MP3 and Living Prosperity MP3

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These 10-minute and 5-minute mp3 audios are all about raising your vibration with respect to Prosperity. They are conduits for Prosperity, clearing and balancing energy from the divine, and so much more. They are specifically helpful for assisting people that have a lot of fear around money and their future. and

People who keep making the same financial mistakes and are prone to made money choices will receive energetic balancing and clearing in this area as well.

You'll also get:

  • A clever way to use it to help re-program the way you think and feel about money, so you naturally attract greater Prosperity over time without thinking about it.
  • My dead simple method of noticing opportunities that others miss, that when use properly, puts you in the best possible position to take full advantage without having to fret about the details.
  • How to avoid overreacting to bills, taxes and unexpected expenses and transform that negative energy into a powerful attraction force for greater Prosperity.
  • Elizabeth's secret method for putting you in the best possible position to influence what comes your way in the future.
  • AND, fulfilling the promise of this letter, how to bring it all together so that you will no longer have to worry about money or your future Prosperity ever again...Without having to sacrifice the quality of life, your dreams and goals.

Responding to Peacefulness MP3 and Living Peacefulness MP3

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These 10-minute and 6-minute mp3 audios are all about raising your vibration in respect to peacefulness energy. They are conduits for clearing and balancing peacefulness energy.

They are specifically useful for helping people with:

  • Internal conflict and negative thinking
  • Toxic relationships and damaging relationships
  • Fear and fear of conflict and confrontation
  • Discernment and decision making that brings more peace
  • Self-love and Self-care
  • Stress relief, leisure time and relaxation
  • Mental stillness, meditation
  • forgiveness
  • Tapping into Universal Energy for healing of trauma
  • If you find it hard to relax or let go. These MP3 are ideal for you.

    If you want to increase your overall sense of peacefulness and calm, then these audios are a must for your self-love routine.

    If you are or planning to use your talents as a healer of any kind, these audios are a great help to balance your energy flow so that it can help others in the highest and best way.

    You'll also get:

  • How to use the peacefulness MP3 to clear toxic emotional energy from your home, office or any space where you are.
  • Once done correctly, you'll be able to project peacefulness energy to other spaces that you will be. This is ideal when you know you may to go somewhere that is already filled with negative or chaotic energy.
  • How to listen to these MP3s to encourage a peaceful transition from wakefulness to sleep.
  • My simple method for improving mindfulness and stillness practices before you even start.
  • The little known secret for for calming you overreactions and overwhelm before they corrupt your thinking and ruin your day.

Responding to Happiness MP3 and Living Happiness MP3

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These 10-minute and 5-minute mp3 audios are all about raising your vibration with respect to Happiness energy. They are conduits for clearing and balancing Happiness energy.

They are specifically useful for helping people with:

  • Brining happiness to your relationships
  • Improving your mood and attitude towards others
  • Assists in releasing anger and judgement towards others
  • Helps heal the heart and soul from past hurts and traumas
  • Assists increasing compassion for all humanity
  • Prepares your mind for learning new things
  • Assists with focus and concentration
  • forgiveness as it specifically pertains to family and friends
  • Helps inoculate against stress and negativity from others

If you find it hard to relax or let go. These MP3 are ideal for you. 

You'll also get:

  • A simple way to use the Happiness MP3s to help with restoring boundaries in your relationships
  • How to listen to the Responding to Happiness MP3 to increase your awareness of Happiness Energy and its presence in your life.
  • The one intention that when used when Listening to the Living Happiness MP3 will deepen your relationship with Divine Universal Happiness Energy and increase your capacity to call on it to assist you in your time of need.
  • How to send Happiness energy ahead of you to help lighten difficult situations and even ease old relationship hurts and betrayals.
  • How leading with Happiness and Responding to Happiness can help you build new friendships and even romantic relationships. Hint: This is the energetic version of one of Dale Carnegie's famous teachings.

Responding to Healthiness MP3 and Living Healthiness MP3

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This set of audios (one is 10-minutes and the other is 6 minutes) is essential for clearing and balancing healthiness energy and serving as 10x multipliers to your Prosperity Energy and, more specifically, as it pertains to physical and digital money.

I did not learn about how health energy interacts and boosts Prosperity's "money" aspect until April 2018. Elizabeth came to my house explained it in detail, and I was blown away.

I immediately did what she told me to do, and within 12 months, my business more than doubled its annual revenue with minimal effort on my part. It was all due to a specific energetic shift.

Since the focus this year is on Prosperity, I will share this with you as part of your ongoing training with life Response Frequencies.

Aside from its prosperity-boosting properties, these two magnificent audios are all about raising your vibration with respect to Healthiness energy. They are conduits for clearing and balancing Healthiness energy.

They are specifically useful for helping people with:

  • Clearing blocks preventing healthiness energy from flowing in your life
  • Aids in reducing secondary gain for illness and disease that often is a big reason why people stay sick.
  • It helps to release emotional reasons for disease and illness. Research shows that many chronic diseases and cancers are caused by stuck emotional trauma.
  • These MP3s may help release this stuck energy and encourage healing.
  • It may help improve sleep by stimulating healthy delta brainwave patterns.
  • May assist the physical body in supporting a healthy inflammatory response through the limbic system.
  • May help to stabilize mood swings through the balancing of the Limbic System
  • May improve libido in both men and women
  • Acts as an amplifier to the "money" aspect of Prosperity.

You'll also get:

  • How to combine the Prosperity MP3s and The Healthiness MP3s to help increase the flow of the "Money Aspect" of Prosperity.
  • How to listen to the Responding to Healthiness MP3 to increase your awareness of Healthiness Energy and its presence in your life.
  • The one intention that when used when Listening to the Living Healthiness MP3 will deepen your relationship with Divine Universal Healthiness Energy and increase your capacity to call on it to assist you in your time of need.
  • How and when to use Responding to Healthiness to help you make better choices regarding your health.
  • How to use either audio to clear anti-negative energy that may be attached to food and water.
  • A simple way to raise the vibration of your food and water for better health.


Infinite Wisdom MP3:

The infinite wisdom MP3 is an exceptional soundtrack that was only recently activated by and utilized by the Angelic Guide Group to assist humanity.

It brings in energy, courage and enlightenment to assist you in responding to chaos and uncertainty with greater wisdom.

Wisdom is in rare supply these days because of recent events and division in the world. Infinite wisdom will help you tap into the energy of wisdom and use it to improve your decision-making.

Making a choice with Wisdom Energy has a unique capacity to create a ripple effect for you personally and in the world around you.

The Infinite Wisdom MP3 brings all the other energies of Prosperity, Peace, Happiness and Health into a powerful cooperative balance that significantly amplifies their effectiveness.

Living Blissfully MP3:

Living Blissfully is also a newly activated MP3 from the Angelic God Team that has come to earth to assist you in your emotional health and well-being.

Its full purpose has not yet been revealed to me, but from what I know right now, having worked with it for the last few months, it brings comfort, rest and stability.

It encourages letting go and embracing "Bliss".

I experience it as a comforting, warm and loving embrace from the divine.

As with all the newly activated audios, more information about their purpose and uses will be given to me in time. When new information comes to me about them, you will be the first to know as a customer of Life Response Frequencies.

Infinite Possibilities MP3 and The Infinite Possibilities Sequence MP3:

Infinite Possibilities is yet another newly activated MP3 from the Angelic God Team.

The only thing I know about this one is that it opens up the morphic field of infinite possibilities and allows it to be expressed with greater ease and grace in your life.

It is the "Anything is Possible" energy!

I was given what has is called: "The Infinite Possibilities Sequence". It is a specific combination of all the audios into one track. It is one hour and 18 minutes long.

It starts with the Infinite Possibilities MP3 and ends with the Infinite Possibilities MP3 with everything else in between in a specific order.

The instructions I have for using this audio is to simply play it in the background while doing other things.

I have found it incredibly powerful and raising my vibration and keeping it significantly higher as I navigate my day. As a result, my connection to my Angels and God Team is strong, and I can feel them helping me and guiding me with confidence and certainty.

Unadvertised bonuses!

There are several unadvertised bonuses that you'll get with this offer! I will go over them in detail during my Level-UP Your Prosperity Challenge.

Recap: Here is everything that is included...

  • Responding to Happiness MP3 
  • Responding to Prosperity MP3
  • Responding to Peace MP3
  • Responding to Health MP3
  • Infinite Wisdom MP3
  • Living Blissfully MP3
  • Living Happiness MP3
  • Living Prosperity MP3
  • Living Peace MP3
  • Living Health MP3
  • Infinite Possibilities MP3

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Here's what other are saying:

Dear Jeff,

This is Sam. Your huge fan and follower from NYC. The fellow that had lymphoma and spinal surgery. 

I truly believe that you were among the instrumental conduits on my road to recovery. I know you have helped me change my life. I am more calm and appreciate the power and effectiveness of mindfulness. I also perceive other positive transformations that I cannot express in words. 

You are an AUTHENTIC person Jeff.  You are truly kind and passionate in your goal to help people in self development. I cannot say enough about your kindness. The time you took to talk to me on the phone. Among the many people in your self development space: who does what you do? If they do there is a high cost and I truly do not think anyone is as effective as you are Jeff. 

You have my credit card number on file. (I think) so use it and sign me up for your new program and offer. I have been purchasing your products for at least 6 years and maybe more and I love them. 

Thank you Jeff. You are a blessing in todays challenging times.

Sam Kass

Note from Jeff: After I spoke with Sam on the phone, he told me that he credits using Life Response Frequencies for his recovery. I can't make a medical claim but I can tell you this: When people start making better choices and responding more appropriately to life, magic happens.

First of all I want to thank you from the depth of my heart for the WONDERFUL products!! I'm using them for over 1 year now and clearly can feel a huge difference re. my anxiety and worry-level as well as general acceptance and serenity! That is really great and really uplifting the quality of my life! Thank you so much! Also thank you very very much for your great generosity with which you allow us to enjoy your work for a really very reasonable price (I mean able to pay, not at all that the price would be reflecting the WORTH of the products, which indeed it is not :))))  Thank you so much!

Once again:  Thank you so much!!

With great appreciation
Verena (a Life Response Frequencies Customer)

You are a quiet powerful leader on the planet. This work touched me deeply; after watching your introductory of course, I was ready for a new sensation, new music. Well, I wasn't ready for how profoundly this moved me. I feel magnificent. I feel like the invitation to self-recognize as a child of God was received.

Then relaxation - oh my. They were so stunning it pulled me in more deeply than usual. And yes, it was like a vacay for mind body and spirit.

Thank you for everything you are. for all you give. for all you share. for all you envision and invite us to.
I love you.
Lisa Marie

Note from Jeff: Lisa has almost everything I have ever created including Life Response Frequencies. She approached me years ago and had so much love and passion for the work I do that I gave her a job. She worked for me for 5 years before moving on to bigger and better things like producing TV shows! WOW.

Dear Jeffrey, 

The upgraded version of Life Response Frequencies are absolutely beautiful. I listened to all of them  a couple of times I cannot tell you how great they make me feel they are just wonderful. I do them everyday.
Thank you very much

Jack Krystek

A huge thank you to Jeffrey for this wonderful creation. The best of brain entrainment I have seen ever in the 10
years I have used these programs from different sources.

Also your customer service is top of all.

Thanks  again.
Olav Mehl

Note From Jeff: This testimonial is referencing the value of the Brainwave Entrainment Technology in the Life Response Frequencies program which I simply did not have time to cover here. I will go into it during the Level-Up your Prosperity Challenge.

Hi Jeff,

Hello Jeff! I love your Life Response Frequencies . It is awesome and the best I have listened to. When I feel stressed I sit at my computer, put on headphones and listen to a track. Peace and Harmony is very relaxing. I have had alot going on personally with members of my family and have been searching for answers to find my own peace with myself and this music just makes me vibrate. An awesome feeling and I am enjoying the journey .

Brenda Morrison

Hi Jeff,

I´ve been following you around for quite a long time by now, and just love your work! Congratulations and thank you from the bottom of my heart! I´ve been listening to the Life Response Frequencies for a couple of weeks, twice a day, and have had beautiful experiences with it. Also, I feel that I´m more centered and focused, my work seems easier (as a dentist) and my economic life has been changed somehow, with more and happy clients that have arrived. I´m starting to work with the Goal Factory also, which I find fantastic! Thanks soooo much, Jeff, and please keep up the good work you do helping all of us to be happier, healthier, richer, feeling wonderful and grateful, and loving more because of all that! Peace and blessings

Lily Dirus