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"Life Response Frequencies (MP3s) are suitable for everyone from the overwhelmed and stressed to the spiritual masters and healers. Regardless of who you are and your personal challenges, Life Response Frequencies is here to support you and lift you up."

Dear friend,

Ten years past, my life was turned upside down when I was told by not just one but two spiritual masters that a very powerful group of  "Source Appointed Angels" wanted to use a product that I created to help humanity.

Coming from a hard-core science background, this was not an easy pill to swallow.

I questioned it...

...I denied it, I ran away from it. I came back to it, then ran away again.

Eventually, I surrender to it.

I finally surrendered because I came to know it was the truth no matter how inconvenient it was for me at the time.

Here's a short video about Life Response Frequencies and how it came to be:

2020 Updates

As I've said many times, I'm not driving the bus when it comes to Life Response Frequencies. Which means, I'm not really in charge.

I have well over tones of products, courses and programs (well over 700 if you include all the individual releases from my memberships.)

Life Response Frequencies is the only one where I am not the director in charge.

Once I surrendered my work to be used by the "Source Appointed Angels", I gave up control over it. 

Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's hard but it has never stopped being an amazing ride where all I do is "let go and trust."

This year, the updates and changes were a little more difficult then years past.

On the 10th Anniversary when I surrendered my work to be utilized by the "source appointed" angels, I was given the message I was to create 6 new audios to add to original 5 audios. 

But that's not all...

I was also given the message that I was to rename the original 5 so as to represent the new energy that that is now coming in to support all who take part.

There's more...

I was also given an new set of instructions for how to receive the energetic support from these audios.

So, off to work I went.

Usually, our annual Life Response Frequencies sale occurs in April but with all that is going on in the world and all the new changes that suddenly dropped in on me, the April sale didn't really happen.

I did drop the price from $147 (the regular price) to $67 but I didn't promote it beyond a casual mention in one lack-luster email.

Usually, we have lots of affiliates that promote our annual sale but this year, only a couple have been invited.

Yet, despite all of these challenges I have received the message to "envision the Life Response Frequencies community doubling in size while I smile. 

Since Life Response Frequencies has been and continues to be one of my most loved and best selling programs for 8  straight years, having the group expand to double in size during the course of this sale would be monumental!

I go so far as to say it will take a miracle especially since we have only a fraction of the typically supporting affiliates involved BUT, I'm not driving the bus on this one so I'm going smile, let go and trust.

What Will Life Response Frequencies Do For You?

In this video Jeff briefly talks about the benefits of Life Response Frequencies your $1K Mystery bonus.

Simple and Easy!

Listen to one or more audio per day. Each audio is between 5 and 10 minutes.

The first time you listen, I recommend that you use headphones. After that, you can listen to them while doing other things like reading, emails, and cooking/eating.

I'll teach you how to utilize these audios to develop a relationship with the energies of Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Health so that you will feel their presence and support in your life.

You will be assisted, supported and lifted up by these energies.

As part of your instructions, You'll be invited to attend a live, member's only masterclass (I will record it for you) where I will give you ways to get greater spiritual support during those times where you need it the most. 

Life Response Frequencies are suitable for everyone from the overwhelmed and stressed to the spiritual master and healers. Regardless of who you are and your personal challenges, Life Response Frequencies is here to assist and support you.

Here's what's included with your purchase:

  • Responding to Happiness MP3
  • Resp​​​​onding to Prosperity MP3
  • Responding to Peace MP3
  • Responding to Health MP3
  • Infinite Wisdom MP3
  • Living Blissfully MP3
  • Living Happiness MP3
  • Living Prosperity MP3
  • Infinite Possibilities MP3
  • Download and Streaming options
  • Lifetime Access, Updates and Upgrades Included
  • NEW BONUS PACKAGE: New Smarter in 7 Minutes protocols (Value $127)
  • New Bonus: Mission Clarity Course (Value $995)
  • Access to LRF on our coming mobile APP - Late June - Mid July
  • Loving Support
  • 30-day Money-Back guarantee


Jeffrey Gignac

Jeffrey Gignac was one of the youngest people in North America to be certified as a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming at the age of 15.

He studied psychology and at the University of Windsor for 4 years before becoming is a clinical hypnotherapist and licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and a World Renowned expert in brainwave entrainment and brainwave stimulation.

Having created nearly 100 acclaimed meditation and brainwave programs, it’s no surprise that Jeffrey is considered by today’s top thought leaders as the leading creator and innovator of brainwave stimulation technology.

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