hire my team of energetic healers to assist in clearing your path for Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and health for pennies a day.

"We can clear your path for better health, success, peace and happiness but we can't walk your path for you." Says this frequency-based healing scientist of 19 years.

Dear friend,

How would you like to utilize my team of elite healers to assist you in manifesting your goals, wishes and dreams on your behalf?  

If you answered "YES" then I encourage you to explore this new service called:

Jeffrey Gignac

"Energetic Support Services"

Imagine writing an intention... something you want to manifest in your physical reality. Then, a team of healers goes to work on helping to manifest your goals, wishes and dreams on your behalf.

Drawing on my years of experience using Scalar (zero-point energy) Radionics and high-powered frequency generators, I made a huge discovery…

Previously, there was no way to stack the efforts of multiple healers, light workers and spiritual masters to manifest and attune energy to your specific needs and then send it to you remotely as if it were super-battery of energy for you to tap into.

I developed a way to do this based on my 19 years of experience with radionics, frequency generators and zero-point energy...

 "It wasn’t easy and it nearly killed me, but out of sheer necessity, I found a way."

Back in November, 2018 I was invited to join an Elite team of healers that have been remotely providing Energetic Support to a group of people that were in desperate need for one reason or another.

Every month, our team leader and my mentor Elizabeth would add more people to my list to remotely support...That is until I reached my breaking point.

In secret, I started to focus all my spare time to find a way to remotely support each of these people at the same time without decreasing the energetic benefit they received. 

This was a huge challenge because everyone that Elizabeth assigned to me was getting personalized energetic support based on their needs.

Drawing on my years of experience using Scalar (zero-point energy) Radionics and high-powered frequency generators, I made a huge discovery…

…A discovery that allows me to energetically support thousands of people at the same time while keeping their personalized energetic support intact.

That’s a big deal because of the handful of people that offer this type of service (and can do it effectively) they still have to create fairly rigid energetic support blueprints that don’t take into account the specific energetic needs of the individual.

This is how we are different...

...With other services, you must adapt to the energetic support rather than the energetic support adapting to you.

My discovery solves this problem once and for all.

Once I was ready to reveal my secret project to Elizabeth, I called to let her know.

I was a little hesitant to tell her because I felt there was a chance she would say “You can’t do that! It has to be done one at a time!

To my surprise, Elizabeth responded by saying (I’m paraphrasing) “It’s about time!” “Discovering a way to do this is part of your cosmic nature and part of what you were meant to do.”

What I thought was a "secret project" was something that she knew I would eventually do and it was just a matter of time and the right amount of pressure that would lead me to the answers.

Elizabeth created the pressure for me to make this discovery by gradually increasing my list of people to energetically support until I was forced to find a better way.

Elizabeth got on a train and stayed with me for 6 days to refine my discovery and ESS was born!

When you sign up to receive Energetic Support, You provide the intention and we go to work and provide ultra-high vibration energy to assist you in bringing your intentions to life. AND, the healers begin clearing your path so that your intentions can manifested with greater ease and grace.

3 Step Process for receiving Energetic Support Services

Step 1: Sign up to receive Energetic Support Services

Step 2: Fill out our secure online form and include your intentions, goals, wishes and dreams

Step 3: Download and Activate the energy that we send you to support your intentions. This takes less than a minute.

As a bonus, we provide you 2 ultra-high vibration energetic tools to assist you in utilizing your personalized energy to support you for your highest good.  More on your bonus down the page.

You'll also be invited to participate in the ESS Monthly calls where I will personally answer your questions and provide guidance on how to walk your path, take appropriate earth actions and live your life's journey to the fullest. 

We can send you ultra-high vibration energy and clear your path for better health, success, peace and happiness but we can't walk your path for you." No one can. 

This is why our monthly calls and 24/7 access to our help desk is so valuable.

Our "Not So Secret" Agenda...How We Are Creating Thousands of Healers World-Wide

Our first priority for each ESS member is to support your wishes, intentions and goals every single week at the highest level.

In addition to supporting what is front and center important for you right now, we also have an underlining agenda.

Our goal for each ESS member and your mission, should you choose to accept it is to become a high-vibrational human being capable of healing yourself and others.

Here’s how we are making this a reality for all who want it.

Drawing on the combined healing experience from our team of healers, we have created a 12-month process to evolve you into exceptionally high vibrational human capable of healing yourself and others (if that's what you want to do)

This process works to:

Repair and Fortify Your Energetic Anatomy

  • Repairs any holes in your energetic anatomy regarding your 4 primary wheels of life and your 8 primary aspects of being and behavior.
  • Removes all types of energy blocks preventing the natural flow energy from your 4 primary wheels of life and your 8 primary aspects of being and behavior.
  • Optimizes your ability to receive, channel, focus and utilize high vibrational energy. This is accomplished by systematically cleaning, clearing and upgrading your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual anatomy.

"This is one of the most thorough, well planed and divinely inspired paths to enlightened transformation we have ever seen and it will surely assist in creating thousands of high-level healers"

This process is called:

"12 Steps to Freedom and Vitality!"

you'll RECEIVE the 12 steps to freedom and vitality automatically WITH YOUR ENROLLMENT TO Energetic Support Services.

  • Month 1: Your intentions + Divine Universal Happiness Energy (wheel of life #1)
  • Month 2: Your intentions + Divine Universal Healthiness Energy (wheel of life #2)
  • Month 3: Your intentions + Divine Universal Prosperousness Energy (wheel of life #3)
  • Month 4: Your intentions + Divine Universal Peacefulness Energy (wheel of life #4)

After month 4, the focus shifts to aspects of being and behaviour and optimizing the flow of energy. Widening, optimizing your energetic pathways and removing blocks so you can focus, channel, concentrate and manipulate energy.

  • Month 5:  Your intentions + Divine Grounding Energy
  • Month 6: Your intentions + Divine Support Energy
  • Month 7: Your intentions + Divine Change Energy
  • Month 8: Your intentions + Divine Balance Energy
  • Month 9:  Your intentions + Divine Sense of well-being Energy
  • Month 10:  Your intentions + Divine Clarity Energy
  • Month 11:  Your intentions + Divine Inspiration Energy
  • Month 12:  Your intentions + Divine Completion Energy

Each week of each month, we support your intentions and the “energy of the month” by balancing all of the energy that we send you on the 4 levels that connect all of humanity on earth.

  • Week 1: Balancing the energy with the Morphic fields of the “Self”
  • Week 2: balancing the energy with the Morphic fields of “Other” – people you know.
  • Week 3: balancing the energy with the Morphic fields of “Others” – people you don’t know or don’t know yet.
  • Week 4: Balancing the energy with the Universal Morphic Field. – The entirety of the universe.

Your Bonuses:

Bonus Number One: Divine Calligraphies Channeled from the Akashic Records

One of our master healers (Gary Savitsky) donated some exceptional bonuses for each person that joins today.

Gary is a master healer; a master sound healer and he has an incredible spiritual gift.

He can connect directly with the Akashic Records, pull energy from them and coalesce that energy into symbols and audios that can be accessed by anyone who wishes to access it.

Each month, Gary gives you a Divine Calligraphy that represents the “Energy of the Month” (example Divine Universal Healthiness) You can download this symbol to any device and activate that energy to support you on-demand.

To put this bonus into perspective, the first Calligraphy that I paid Gary to channel for me cost me $495 for just one. You'll be getting 12 of these, one new one each month that corresponds with the energetic theme of each month.

Bonus Number Two: "Connection Audios - Healing Frequencies of the Ancients"

Gary also donated 12 connection audios, one for each month. Each audio is 3 minutes and they were created using his wide variety of ancient instruments. You get one new one each month that you can stream or download to any device of your choosing.

The sound healing frequencies of these audios are sublime to say the very least. They will assist you in connecting with the personalized energy we send as well as assist in healing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual anatomy above and beyond the energy we send you.

Have a listen to Divine Universal Happiness and feel the energy for yourself.

Here’s a complete list of what’s included with you sign up to receive Energetic Support services:

  • Personalized Monthly and Weekly Energetic Transmissions to support your intention and goals.
  • 12 Steps to Freedom and Vitality. Become your own healer and achieve the capacity to heal others.
  • Send Us Your Personal Intentions/ Goals for Energetic Support Via Secure Online Form
  • Update Your Intentions/Goals as Often as You Like
  • 1 Divine Calligraphy Download Each Month (Channeled from the Akashic Records) $19/month bonus value
  • 1 New “Connection Audio" Each Month (Created by master sound healer Gary Stavisky) $19/ Month bonus value
  • Monthly live training, webinar and Q&A with Jeffrey Gignac $27/month bonus value
  • Dedicated Support System for ESS Members
  • Simple and Easy Process - No Passwords to Remember or Complicated Members area to Navigate
  • All Assets and Resources Delivered Directly to Your Email for Quick and Easy Use
  • Mobile Optimized. You don't need a computer. Everything will work flawlessly on a phone or tablet.

Our "Non-Traditional" Guarantee

We do not offer a “no-questions asked” money back guaranteeBUT we will issue full refunds when a good reason is given. For integrity sake and in the spirit of self-responsibility, we insist that people go through the process of explaining why they are requesting a refund.

When you sign up we encourage you to expect miracles, to do your part and prepare to receive with unlimited abundance and, at the same time, accept the divine timing of your life's journey.

Please consider the following before purchasing.

ESS is not for "flaky" personality types who tend to be overly unrealistic in there expectations and are easily disappointed when they don't instantly get what they want.

While ESS requires very little time and is very easy to start and maintain, please be aware that core energetic issues usually have to be healed or begin a healing process before "BIG" wants and desires can be appropriately supported.

Jeffrey goes the extra mile in providing monthly live calls, training and Q&A to assist members so that they can receive healing and support for where it is needed the most, often times at the "foundation level" so that they can go on to receive with unlimited abundance in the future.

Now that you've arrived here, ask yourself:

  • Are you ready for real transformation?
  • Are you ready to walk your path and do your part?
  • Are you ready to receive healing and let go of the limitations of the past? 

If you answered yes, then I welcome you with open arms. Click below to get started.

Only $110 for 12 Months of ESS

The cost of 12-months of ESS will be increased to $33/ month billed annually but during this special offer, you can lock in your 12 Months of Energetic Support Services for only one payment of $110.

God Bless,

Jeffrey Gignac and The ESS Team

P.S. Just one more reminder, Its Important!

Magic pills (beans, wands and spells) don’t exist! 

…AND, some intentions and goals require a significant amount healing and clearing of blockages from the “Energetic and Physical Anatomy” before the intention or goal can be manifested.

There are times where it happens quickly and there are times that it takes longer.

Depending on what you are asking for and the circumstances that brought you to your current life, you may have to invest a significant amount of time before the clearing can take place.

When it comes to complex healings, often a resolution won’t come in until a specific lesson is learned.

While we hold monthly live webinars for our members to assist in all things related to ESS, the “learning of lessons” is not something we can do for you. We can clear the path for you, but we can’t walk it for you. No one can.

Some members have reported amazing and speedy healings, recoveries, financial windfalls and relationship miracles as a result of receiving ESS BUT those are not typical results.

It would be irresponsible of me to set that expectation for everyone and every intention.

The main reason we have been guided to keep this service as affordable as possible is because for many people, this work takes time.

At this time, you can purchase an entire year of ESS for less than one month of similar, less complete services charge.

There have been cases were ESS has not provided and measurable results. I don't know the reason why but the one thing I can say for certain is that a persons success with ESS hinges on how appropriately each individual approaches the process. 

People that have not reported success may not have given it enough time or maybe they did not do their required earth actions or perhaps they refused to learn the lessons that the universe insisted they learn first before the full resolution came in. Its hard to say for sure but the fact remains that for some, ESS does not work for them.

I encourage people to expect miracles and prepare to receive with unlimited abundance and at the same time, accept the divine timing of it all.

ESS is partly funded and made possible by my parent company Passive Brain Fitness.

ESS wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the generosity of our healers and spiritual masters. They are getting paid but not nearly as much as they should or could get paid if they only did private sessions for individuals. It is because they believe in the missions and purpose of what we are doing that they are dedicating themselves to this project…

…AND that’s why they are true masters.

The energy, blessing and message of ESS is that of Unconditional Service.

God Bless,

Jeffrey Gignac and The ESS Team

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