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Simple Self-Hypnosis Trick

I said “No” to them but I’m saying “Yes” to you…

January 2019 set a record for the number of people that have asked me for private coaching.

While I’m honored and grateful that so many have asked, I’ve decided that I won’t be coaching people privately this year so that I can focus on a couple of big projects.

Today, I want to share with you a type of self-hypnosis strategy that I typically teach when I do accept private coaching clients.

Stick with me on this because it is probably not going to be what you expect but it works like gang-busters once you get the ball rolling.

This strategy will encourage your subconscious mind to do some of the “heavy lifting” ahead of time so you’ll get better results with less effort. There's also a side benefit to this strategy that I talk about later.

The best part about this, all that is required is a calendar and a goal.

You can use this to improve your results for just about anything you insert into this process.

To make this easy, I’m going to use Level 5 of my Mediation in Minutes program as an example.
Level 5 of Mediation in Minutes is called Energy Medicine. It is a specific sate that improves one’s ability to heal themselves.

Step 1:
On an index card or piece of paper, write down what you would like to heal. If you are perfectly healthy, write down something that you would like to strengthen. Maybe it's your brain, eyes or digestive track.

Step 2:
Book an appointment with yourself regarding when you will watch the Level 5, Energy Medicine video meditation. Since all Mediation in Minutes Video mediations are 7 minutes, you’ll only need a short block of time.

Make sure the first appointment that you book with yourself is at least 48 hours in the future. This is key! I’ll explain later.

I personally like to book my appointments in blocks of three.

For example February 3rd at 2 pm. February 5th at 2 pm and February 9th at 2 pm.

IMPORTANT: You must put these appoints on a calendar. Google Calendar, Outlook or a physical calendar. I also like to write them down on paper and carry them with me like an appointment card that you get from the doctor’s office.

IMPORTANT: These appoints should be treated the same way as you would treat an appointment with a world-class specialist whose time is extremely valuable and hard to get.

IMPORTANT: Take care of when you book these appoints with yourself, so you are guaranteed to show up on time.

Step 3.
Show up to your appointment at the specified time. Read [out loud] what you wrote down in step 1. Remind yourself why you booked the appointment in the first place.

Step 4.
Watch the Level 5 Mediation in Minutes Video with the intention of healing and strengthening whatever it was you chose to work with.

Step 5:
Thank yourself and your subconscious for all the amazing work. Look at your calendar or appointment card to remind yourself of when you’ll be showing up for your next appointment.

IMPORTANT: If for some reason you can’t make it to your appointment, reschedule it at the first available opportunity.

Step 6:
Enjoy the rest of your day knowing that you just completed a lovely act of self-love. Take pride that you were important enough to put on the calendar and to show up to do the work.

Let a huge smile grow on your face knowing that you are worthy of this self-love and get excited about your next appointment.

So… What do you think? Probably not what you were expecting as a self-hypnosis technique.

One of the reasons this works is that its a lovely act of self-love. You are sending a very clear message to your subconscious mind that you are important enough to go on the calendar.

You’re giving your conscious and subconscious minds a clear purpose and direction ahead of time. Your subconscious mind will begin to work on your desired outcome as you sleep and dream on the days prior to your appointments.

Remember, your subconscious mind can do a lot to move the needle when instructed properly.

Here’s the best part…Once you get rolling with this, it becomes more and more powerful as you continue to show up to your appointments.

In addition to getting better results, you’re also proving to yourself that you are worth it by engaging in planned acts of self-love. This effect alone is MAGICAL over time.

I challenge you to get started today even if it's with something as simple as taking 10 minutes to listen to your favorite music to refresh and renew your spirit. Put it on the calendar and show up.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, kindly use our dedicated support desk.

FYI: If you’d like to enroll in my Meditation in Minutes program you can do that here:

To loving yourself more and more every day,
Jeffrey Gignac

P.S. I’m thinking about raising the price for my Meditation in Minutes Program and dropping the 6 super bonuses that come with it so if the timing is right for you, hop to it while there is so much added value.
Here’s the link:

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