Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Certified Hypnotist, Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Creator of Passive Brain Fitness.

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It’s a “You have to learn how to walk before you can run” kinda thing!

No time for dilly-dallying today …

…Because my last email (apparently) stirred the pot!

A few days ago I sent an email about a self-hypnosis technique using your calendar.

I gave an explicit example about how you could use it with Level 5 of my Meditation in Minutes program and the questions poured in.

And, something else happened.

A world of people went out and purchased Meditation in Minutes based on the example I gave and if you're one of them, I have this to say…

…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your enthusiasm! And, thank you for trusting me. Know that I have lots of wonderful surprises in store for you!

Okay, here we go with the Q & A.

Question: Can you use the self-hypnosis “calendar” technique with Life Response Frequencies?

Answer: “YES”.

You can use it with just about any self-development, self-improvement or self-care strategy you can think of.

Using it with Life Response Frequencies is a great way to comfortable with this technique because your success hinges on your ability to “show up” to the appointments you set for yourself and follow through.

Whenever I start something new such as a new self-care strategy, I like to start with something short and sweet so it is easy for me to follow through.

The trick is to set yourself up for success by easing into it.

That way, you can continue to succeed, build confidence and most importantly, build momentum.

Once your confidence and momentum marry together, tackling bigger and more meaningful chunks is not only easier, it tends just happen naturally because you are now riding the “wave of momentum” created by several consecutive successes.

Starting off with something as easy as listening to the 10-Minute version of Prosperity and Abundance Essentials (Life Response Frequencies) greatly increases the chances that you will show up to your appointments that you put on your calendar.

Besides, Life Response Frequencies is uber-easy to use AND super powerful so it checks the boxes of Purposeful Work and Short and Sweet.

Question: I just purchased the Meditation in Minutes Program; can you unlock Level 5, energy Medicine Part 1 for me? I really want to work with that now.

Answer: NO. And here’s why…

…Part of what makes this program effective is the ordering of each level. It’s a “You have to learn how to walk before you can run” kinda thing!

By going in order, you are taking the most efficient approach to gracefully commanding each of these 12 levels. When you get to level 5, you’ll be perfectly prepared to start working with it.

If you try to work with Level 5 right out of the gate, you’ll likely be disappointed.

Remember, Meditation in Minutes is the result of 15 years of research and development. Everything is on purpose and everything has a reason.

If you want to use the Self-Hypnosis Calendar Technique to do some self-healing, might I suggest using Health and Vitality Essentials from Life Response Frequencies.

Now here’s the good news. Once you complete level 5, the entire program unlocks and you’ll have access to all the levels. Having said that, I do recommend that you continue to use them in order and give each level it appropriate amount of time.

Question: How long does it take to complete each Level?

Answer: I recommend using each level over the course of 4 weeks. This is why a new level of Meditation in Minutes automatically unlocks every 30 days.

The requirements are 7 minutes a day, 3 to 5 days a week. You can do more if you want but it’s not required. I recommend taking a minimum of 2 days off each week. You can take them together or separately.

You’ll get better results by doing a little less than by overdoing it.

Okay, that almost it for today.

Just one more thing…

…The deadline has been set.

Momentum Factory, All Language is Hypnosis and the 10 Minute-Turn-Around V4 bonuses that you get free with Meditation in Minutes are disappearing in a few weeks. AND, I’m pretty sure I’m going to raise the price as well. I haven’t decided on how much it will go up, but it is going up.

Here’s the link:

Wishing you a great day,
Jeffrey Gignac

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