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The Value of Responding Appropriately to Life

Over the years, I’ve discovered that at the very core of life’s most sticky problems is this:

“Reacting and overreacting to what Life brings is the root cause of most of our pain, suffering and disappointment.”

Overreacting is the root cause of most of our problems as individuals and for humanity.

Overreacting is what keeps us from realizing our true potential …. It slows our growth, our skill development and it negatively impacts our decision-making process.

“Conversely, when we respond appropriately to what life hands us, we are in the best possible position to solve problems, navigate through chaos and create for our highest good in harmony with the “big picture” that is our life and purpose.”

“Day by day, as we begin to respond appropriately to life with all its giving’s and misgivings, we put ourselves in the best possible position to influence what life will hand us in the future.”

Manifestation is a product of our day to day choices and the emotions that drive them.

Manifestation is the product of our moment to moment – the quality of our moments and the choices that they bear, defines our future.

Lack of self-confidence, being stuck in a negative loop, the inability to make good choices are overreactions.

Overwhelm is an overreaction. Virtually all things that bring us pain, suffering and disappointment are born of overreactions.

Advanced Secret…

Reacting and overreacting (instead of appropriately responding) to good things are the cause of at least half of the suffering that we experience.

What you do with the good in life has just as much to do with what will naturally come your way in the future.

Case and point:

72% of people that win big money in a lottery end up worse off then before. Why?

The answer is simple. They reacted and/or overreacted to their windfall instead of responding to it appropriately.

The path of least resistance (easiest way) for transforming our lives is to better respond to life as it happens.

To let our lives be governed by overreactions is to give up our free will.

To let our lives be defined by overreactions is to separate ourselves from our intuition, our creative power of manifestation and spiritual guidance.

“As we continue to respond appropriately to life’s givings and misgivings, we allow our intuition, our creative genius and the guidance that comes from our god-selves to grow and flourish. We begin living with love and purpose.”

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